About Locality

About Locality


Locality is a library of the laws, legislation, and legal procedures of highly autonomous jurisdictions from around the world. Locality is built on a wiki framework to allow anyone to submit, change, and engage with the library.


Think of Locality as an open source coder’s library. Instead of code for computer programs, Locality allows reformers and entrepreneurs to see how other jurisdictions have created the autonomy that communities need to pursue Startup Cities reform.


Locality includes many different jurisdictions:


  • Special economic zones
  • Special administrative regions
  • Free ports
  • Export Processing Zones
  • Tax-free zones
  • California’s Charter Cities and Counties
  • Municipal incorporation
  • Agreements governing small states (Singapore, Marshall Islands, Falkland Islands, Liechtenstein, Vatican, Luxemburg, Canary Islands)
  • Decentralist or federalist legislation
  • Agreements from recently-independent polities (Somaliland, South Sudan)
  • Agreements and legislation that is not yet in place, but have been proposed (Somali Free Port)


Existing practices are precedents and models for future reform. The laws surrounding an autonomous jurisdiction can also be broken into modules that address specific challenges such as zone oversight, electoral processes, or land rights. These modules can be mixed and matched by reformers to create unprecedented reforms made from the best practices of other zones.
Locality is a project of the Startup Cities Institute at Universidad Francisco Marroquín. Locality furthers our commitment to remain the world’s leading resource on Startup Cities reform and our mission to provide our network with the knowledge, tools, and materials to be responsible, effective, and ethical reformers.